7 Best Foods For Ketogenic Diet – Burns Fat Into The Right Shape

7 Best Foods For Ketogenic Diet

7 Best Foods For Ketogenic Diet

7 Best Foods For Ketogenic Diet: Extra fat is the biggest problem for weight loss goals and bringing the body into the right shape. However, our body has a normal mechanism that burns fat in the shortage of glucose for energy; during this metabolic process, acidic compounds called ketones are formed within the body. This natural metabolic activity of the body is used for losing weight through a low-carb diet. It is known as a ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet form is effective even in the cases of epilepsy and diabetes along with its benefits in weight loss. It involves low carbohydrate intake and high fat in the diet plan.

In a typical ketogenic diet, the carb limit ranges from 20 to 50 grams per day. And to keep this up one requires being very disciplined with the dietary intake. Here are seven best foods that can be consumed in the ketogenic diet:

1. Sea Food –

The best part of the seafood is that they are very low in carbs and are rich in various other nutrients. They are often considered the best food during the ketogenic diet. Salmon fish is the source of a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Also, other fishes are rich in B vitamins, potassium, and selenium. One can even consume shellfish and oysters during the low-carb diet.

2. Coconut Oil –

It contains medium-chain triglycerides. These are taken up directly by the liver and converted into ketones or are directly consumed as an energy source. Even some research shows that coconut oil may help reduce belly fat among obese people.

3. Dark Chocolate –

Coupled with cocoa, dark chocolate is a very tasty source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate contains flavanols which are found to be associated with lowering heart disease by lowering blood pressure and keeping arteries healthy. Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solid is considered the best for a ketogenic diet and useful for weight loss.

4. Nuts –

Consuming nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, and seeds like pumpkin seeds and chia seeds, etc are very effective in reducing of risk of heart diseases, certain cancers, and other types of chronic diseases. Many nuts and seeds are rich in fiber thereby reducing the intake of calories.

5. Meat–

Meat along with poultry are often considered as the staple foods in the ketogenic diet. Along with fat, they are also a rich source of high-quality proteins that help preserve muscle mass during the fasting period.

6. Cheese –

Depending upon the method of their preparation there are hundreds of types of cheese in the world and the best part about them is all of them are low in carbs and rich in fat making them an ideal food for the ketogenic diet. Cheese also contains conjugated linoleic acid and helps in the repair of muscle when consumed regularly.

7. Vegetables –

One should always consume green vegetables and more so as per the seasons. On low-carb non-starchy vegetables are best as they are low in calories and are very rich in useful nutrients and vitamins. Plants which are rich in fiber are also good for the stomach and aid digestion. Many vegetables are also rich in antioxidants that scavenge free radicals and protect them from their bad effects.

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