Beware Your Higher Body Fat Can Be Dangerous For Your Heart

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Beware Your Higher Body Fat Can Be Dangerous For Your Heart

The present-day lifestyle is killing everyone, which is not an understatement. Nevertheless, it is a fact that no one can ignore, as it has a severe health-related impact. Among the health issues, arising due to changing lifestyles is obesity.

Obesity by normal definition is an abnormal condition arising from over-accumulation of fat into the body. This leads to overweight and problems due to it. Due to this, weight loss diets and exercises are in great demand these days.

As per the World Health Organization, in 2016 more than 1.9 billion adults in the age group of 18 years and older were overweight. In addition, in this over 650 million people were obese.

World Health Organization also says that most of the world’s population lives in countries where overweight and obesity kill more people than underweight.

Health is always the biggest headache of any country’s government as a healthy population translates into more productivity and faster development of that nation.

Obesity is a preventable disease, then also if the 2016 World Health Organization’s data are to be believed there were over 340 million children and adolescents aged 5-19 years who were overweight or obese.

When talking about the United States as per recent data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), adult obesity rates exceed 35% in 7 states, 30% in 29 States, and 25% in 48 states.

As per 2017 statistics in Australia, more than 60% of its population is suffering from obesity and about 10% are in the severe category range.


The ideal body mass index for males is 18.5 to 24.9 and anything that is less than 18.5 is underweight and over 25 is overweight. A BMI of over 30 is an indication of obesity. The ideal range of BMI for females is also 18.5 to 24.9.

Any deviation from the ideal range leads to health conditions. Like obesity or fat accumulation causes heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. All these conditions are preventable when a person can keep control over his body fat.

Various studies indicate that higher body fat can lead to cardiovascular diseases and is very harmful in due course of time. As per a study published by the Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology on the fat accumulated in the body and its impact into the risk associated with the development of heart disease. They considered both under-the-skin fat and belly fat for their seriousness in causing heart-related diseases.

The study took 1,106 participants with an average age of 45 years and 44 percent being women. This study confirms that regional fat deposits in the stomach are harmful and suggests that the density of stomach fat, measured by a CT scan is a good indication of the risk of heart disease as the amount of fat a person has.

The results indicated that an increase in both subcutaneous and visceral adipose fats was linked with initiating new and worsened cardiovascular risk factors, the relationship was more noticeable in fat inside the abdominal cavity than fat under the skin.

Similar to this study there are many studies indicating higher health risk with chances of development of multiple diseases like higher blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular conditions.

At present time obesity is a rising concern at the global level, which is leading to several other diseases and decreasing the overall population’s working efficiency. The matter that concerns me most is the fact that it is preventable.

Weight loss exercises into your lifestyle can save you from many health risks that may arise due to higher body fat.

If you are a healthy, conscious individual then you are keeping yourself well aware of different lifestyle-related health issues and have already developed your daily fitness regime, which keeps you fit.

Burning extra fat through exercises like cycling, running, goblet squatting, jumping rope, and walking will help you lose weight and maintain the ideal body fat. Thus, a proper diet and exercise plan in your lifestyle will protect you from any future conditions of extra body fat accumulation leading to any health-related issues.


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