Eating Right To Lose Weight – Best Food For Weight lose

Eating Right To Lose Weight

Eating Right To Lose Weight

Eating Right To Lose Weight: Thanks to fast food and greater dependence on technology there is a tremendous rise in the number of obesity among the youths of America. Also, many of the developed countries are facing the same problem with very few age group kids suffering from health issues due to obesity and cardiovascular problems.

Due to this increasing weight problem, doctors are recommending a balanced lifestyle with balanced food and fitness exercises. There is a myth that eating leads to gaining weight so people opt for fasting and curbing their intake of food. This leads to starvation-related problems and the person suffers from gastrointestinal health issues.

However, there are foods available that by nature do not increase weight and provide the much-needed nutrients to the body. Here is the list of some of the common weight loss food items that you knew existed but did not pay attention to.


Eating Right To Lose Weight: It is one of the highly valued foods in modern times. It also helps reduce body fat and lose weight naturally without starving. 1/3rd of avocado provides 11% of daily body fiber needs. It also contains monounsaturated fats, which are good fats and good for the heart’s health. Fiber helps keep the stomach full and keeps check on regular intake of calories.

Greek Yogurt –

It is a natural probiotic that keeps the gastrointestinal tract running smoothly. It improves digestion which helps in shredding the extra weight. Since it contains good proteins it keeps the stomach fuller for a longer duration.

Flaxseed –

It is rich in fiber which keeps the hunger at bay. Slow digestion provides a steady blood glucose level and sustained energy. It is beneficial when milled flaxseeds are consumed. In countries like India, villagers have it in their regular diet that keeps their physical fitness level up without any extra weight.

Water –

Eating Right To Lose Weight: This one is not a food but an important component of the diet. Also, hydration is critical for weight loss. Drinking water about 30 minutes or 1 hour before eating is very helpful. Water and fiber form the gel-like substance softening stool and easy bowel movement. Thus also protecting against any constipation issues.

Cottage Cheese –

It is loaded with proteins, fats, and calcium giving it a high nutritive value. It helps to keep full in between the meals. It’s used along the toasts, oatmeal, salads, and smoothies and thus can be consumed in varied forms while preserving its nutritional value.

Pumpkin –

It’s not just a Halloween favorite or pie-only item. Among the multi-nutrient food items, pumpkin holds its place. It is low in calories, rich in nutrients and fiber providing the healthy body requirements. It can be consumed as soups, smoothies pasta sauces etc.

Watermelon –

It is 92% water with vitamins A and C. It also contains secondary metabolites like lycopene which has anti-inflammatory properties. Watermelon provides for the much-needed body’s water requirements and keeps the stomach full for a longer duration. It is consumed raw, as fruit salad and smoothies, etc.

Beans –

Looking to achieve complete fitness and weight loss, then include beans in your diet. There are varied varieties of beans available which are all high in fiber and low in LDL. It also lowers blood pressure. The good amount of protein present helps in muscle recovery and bodybuilding.


It is not eating more that causes weight gain but eating the wrong food and low physical activities cause obesity. One can eat more and at the same time reduce weight. One needs to keep in mind that a balanced diet that comprises fiber-rich and nutrient-rich healthy food should be consumed.


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