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Bodybuilding Food

Top 10 Naturally Bodybuilding Food

Naturally Bodybuilding Food: Some say your body is a temple and you should take care of it in the way you take care of your place of worship. Yes, staying healthy is a type of worship that demands strict discipline in lifestyle and daily routines. Health is the prime focus of any lifestyle and then comes other needs of education and luxury. Very rarely people can say they have the luxury of health which is seen in the form of a fit body and mind.

When we talk about the fit body it comprises both internal and external body. Physical fitness is a very crucial part of today’s hectic lifestyle. As more people are becoming aware of their overall fitness, the focus on bodybuilding has also gone up. Hitting the gym and heavy load workouts are now more common even for non-athletic individuals.

However, bodybuilding is not possible only by weight lifting at the gyms but requires healthy food too. These healthy foods are also called bodybuilding foods because they help in fast recovery from any ailment and are a source of important nutrition.

Here we bring to you the top 10 Naturally Bodybuilding Food items which help you in naturally building:

Milk –

Everyone knows about the benefits of milk, however, start neglecting it when growing up. 1 cup of milk is equivalent to about 8 grams of protein. It also contains phosphorous. The best part of milk is that its nutritive value can be enhanced by adding fruits chocolates etc. It helps keep the bones healthy.

Banana –

Bodybuilders take the benefit of bananas to gain weight when consumed with milk. Also, it is an instant energy source due to the high concentration of sugar. Bananas are rich in varied B vitamins and potassium helpful in bodybuilding.

Oats –

Among our top ten bodybuilding foods oats automatically win their spot as it is very rich in fiber and add bulk to the food we eat. The fiber present in oatmeal cleans the gut wall also neutralizes the harmful chemicals present in the body by bonding with them and removing them. Oat contains a high amount of complex carbohydrates and 13% of the daily fiber needed. An adult man needs 40 fiber daily and a woman needs 25 based on a daily calorie requirement of 2000 to 2500 calories. This also makes oats one of the healthiest foods.

Egg –

When you name a healthy food and egg doesn’t feature is not at all a possibility. One egg is the source of 6-8 gm of proteins. It is also rich in zinc, which is an important component of bodybuilding food. It also contains calcium along with iron and vitamins required for bodybuilding.

Beetroots –

Beetroot is probably the surprise package into our list of healthy foods which are natural bodybuilding food too. Beetroot juice increases the production of nitric oxide(NO), which is helpful in blood vessel dilation and greater blood flow. More oxygen to muscles helps in quick recovery and improves outcomes when consumed about an hour before the workout.

Chicken –

Most gym trainers recommend taking boiled chicken regularly to athletes and fitness enthusiasts during their bodybuilding regime. Chicken contains healthy proteins and fat that are needed by the body to withstand wear and tear during workouts.

Yogurt –

Easy to digest and have good probiotic properties, yogurt is super healthy food. It contains slow-digesting casein protein which is rich in amino acids and helps in fulfilling the body’s need for amino acids for the body repair mechanism.

Almonds –

It is probably the richest source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a good antioxidant and also has a role in keeping the skin and hair healthy. It contains vitamin B too which is needed in energy metabolism. Along with being rich in many minerals, it also has a good calorific value of 160 calories needed for the body during heavy workout schedules.

Lentils –

Lentils come from the leguminous family and are a rich source of proteins. However, along with protein it also contains slow digesting carbohydrates and fiber which is good for the gut. It is available in three varieties brown, green and red. It helps to retain important nutrients during power training.

Steak –

Bodybuilding is gradual processes which require constant workouts and keep increasing the load. This also means increased body requirements for energy and proteins. Steak is a source of saturated fat and protein which makes it an ideal bodybuilding food for heavy workouts.


Bodybuilding is not an easy process and requires a greater level of dedication and discipline. While you are working towards building it through exercise it needs to be complemented through the right healthy food too. Not only that you must also ensure that you have enough fluid intake, drink lots of water, avoid sugary food, and consume more raw fruits with more nutrient value than the calorie value. Overall a balanced diet is the key to achieving the goal of building the body naturally.

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